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Bass Library

Situated in cross-campus, this library is easily accessible to almost all Yale students and offers the longest opening hours out of all Yale College libraries (the residential college libraries are all open 24/7 as well as the south room of the CSSSI).

  • Bass is open from 8:30 AM to 1:45 AM from Monday-Thursday. On Friday, it closes at 4:45 PM, on Saturday, it is open 10 AM to 6:45 PM, and on Sunday, it is open from noon to 1:45 AM.
  • Bass has a limited selection of circulating books, a large portion of which are course reserves. The loan period for non-reserved books is three weeks.
  • There often is little to no cell-phone reception in the basement. While many find this to be good to avoid distractions, it may be advisable to take a trip upstairs occasionally to check for missed calls/messages.
  • A computer cluster and a scanner is available for student use, as well as a student-tech office to go to if your computer malfunctions.
  • Walking through a tunnel at the back of the main library floor takes your to Sterling Memorial Library.
  • Bass is often open during breaks, as well as during the summer!

Bass Cafe

Right outside of the library is the Thain Family Cafe, where there are many tables and couches to hold small meetings and study groups. You are also allowed to use your lunch swipe at the cafe. While the hours of Cafe service are limited (see http://www.yale.edu/dining/locations/thain.html for hours), the tables are open as long as the library is.

Media Equipment

If you need a camera, tripod, videocamera, microphone, light kits, or other media devices, you should definitely check out the Bass Media Equipment Checkout Service. Reservations can be made through this website.

  • Maximum checkout period is three days. The overdue fees are exorbitant ($35 per day, additional $100 if your late return interferes with someone else's checkout), so it is important to return equipment on time.
  • The reservation system is a bit difficult to use at first. Once you get to the reservation page, specify your checkout time period first in the box to the right (you must pick up your equipment sometime on the start date and return it before the Bass circulation desk closes on the end date). Then, add the devices you want to the cart and make your reservation.

YCC DVD Collection

In the main level of Bass, towards the left, is a collection of nearly 1000 DVD movies, courtesy of the Yale College Council. These movies have a loan period of three days, and you will receive the DVD disc at checkout.

Sterling Memorial Library

Beautiful photos online! Check out the rooftop album: http://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=20272332453

Residential College Libraries

Center for Science and Social Science Information (CSSSI)

  • Located in the basement of Kline Biology Tower.
  • StatsLab
  • 24/7 study space

Engineering Library

  • Normally in Becton, first floor, but during 2012 it's in the Dunham Engineering Students Center (first floor, take a left from the main doors).