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Yale Wiki had a snafu with the web host a while back, and it was down for quiiiite a while.

Curious about What Happened? Or who runs the wiki?

You'll probably notice some things that are out of date. Help fix it?

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Buying Books

Which ways are cheapest and easiest?

  1. Free: Borrowing from the Bookstore during shopping period, or 6 week loan + 6 week renewal from BorrowDirect.
  2. YHHAP Books are cheapest (1/2 amazon price!) but they may not have your book.
  3. From Yalies is next cheapest and easiest.
  4. Buying Books Online is cheap, but books sent to your PO box often arrive late. It might not be worth it if a PO Box is your only option.
  5. Renting Books online is cheap, but same problem.
  6. The Yale Bookstore certainly has your book! but it’s the most expensive option.

Free: Borrowing

  • You can borrow from a friend for the whole semester;D
  • You can "borrow" from the Yale Bookstore for the first few weeks of class. That helps you keep up with readings while your book is coming in the mail.
  • Overdrive
  • You can borrow from another Ivy League for virtually the whole semester using BorrowDirect
    • http://www.library.yale.edu/ill/borrowdirect.html
    • Borrow initially for 6 weeks, then you can renew it for 6 more weeks, for a total of 12 weeks. The semester is 14 weeks of classes + 2 weeks of reading period and finals period, so that's most of the semester at least.
    • Students from these other schools can't recall the book, so you pretty much have it for this whole period. (can we confirm this on an official site?)

Campus Groups

  • YHHAP Book Exchange sells books for 50% of the Amazon price, and used course packets for $5 each.
    • Their book inventory is always up-to-date online here: [1] and when books are bought they're taken down.
    • Prices aren't posted, but they'll look up the Amazon price with you during the transaction.
    • They email us when they’re ready each semester.
  • Try any social mailing lists you’re on, if that’s appropriate.

From Yalies

It's the next cheapest option and faster than having it mailed.

Buying Books Online

  • Here are some good search-aggregate sites:
  • Is it worth it?
    • You save 50% off the bookstore price in many cases. Online shopping is the way to go!
    • The graphs on http://booksatyale.com/ compare Amazon prices with Yale Bookstore prices. However, this site only searches Amazon so I recommend using another one.
  • Delivery can be dangerously slow, depending on how you ship it
    • Check out: Receiving Packages and Sending Packages
    • If you're buying any books new, try Amazon Student
      • You'll get Amazon Prime shipping. Not only is it fast, but it also uses UPS so you'll definitely get your book on time.
      • You have two emails you could sign up with (you could have two 6-month trials!):
        1. <name>@yale.edu (your normal one)
        2. <yournetid>@pantheon.yale.edu (if you haven't migrated to EliApps)
        3. <yournetid>@bulldogs.yale.edu (if you have migrated to EliApps)

Renting Books

  • Bookrenter.com
    • It's kind of like selling your books before getting them~

Yale Bookstore

The Bookstore is very expensive, but certainly has the books at least.

  • They allow you to return a book for a full refund for a few weeks at the beginning of the semester. That helps you keep up with readings while your book is coming in the mail.
  • They will buy back the book as long as the book will be used in an upcoming semester (is that still true?), but not for much. Try selling the book in other ways.

Selling Books

How do you get the most money?

  1. Selling to Yalies
  2. Other Groups
  3. Selling Books Online
  4. Selling Back to Yale Bookstore

Selling to Yalies

  • Post on multiple sites!
    • If you do though, be polite when one gets sold, and quickly remove the other postings.
  • Post to a social mailing list you're on (only if that's appropriate)
  • What price should I set?

Other Groups

  • These groups usually email us when they're ready
    • Belltower Books
      • Belltower gives very competitive prices too, and they're much easier than selling online.
    • YHHAP Book Exchange
      • Donate your books in the boxes around campus

Selling Books Online

  • You get the most in exchange for store credit (Amazon, etc), but also a good bit for cash.
  • Online sales are usually better than Bookstore buyback prices.
  • Prices you can sell for fluctuate
    • A friend: "When I checked earlier this week, Amazon was going to give me $76, now they're giving me $50.:( "
  • Sites:

Selling Back to Yale Bookstore

  • Yale Bookstore
    • You get some money back, but not as much as from anywhere else.
    • Only if the textbook will be needed in the upcoming semester (is this still true?).