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There are three ways by which Yalies normally spend their summers: classes, internships, research.

This page needs more information about:

  • Yale programs and funding sources (possibly listed in decreasing order of popularity?)
    • Funding source deadlines
  • Recommendation letters & applying

Where Are Yalies Going?

Facebook Groups

Most big cities will have a semi-public facebook group that helps us see who's where. You should join one even if you're only there for part of the summer.

Most of these are an "Open Group within Yale", so make sure Facebook has your Yale email address and it'll grant you access.

If you can't find one, make it! :D

Some examples:

New Haven Classes

Yale Summer Session

The Yale Summer Session is a popular option for students who wish to earn Yale credit. These classes are offered in two sessions, starting in June or July. Classes are normally conducted in New Haven, but some are also offered abroad and, in a new addition, online.

Classes Abroad

Certain foreign language programs span two sessions, the first part in New Haven and the second part in a city where that language is spoken (the L1/L2 and L3/L4 French program has its second part in Paris).

International Summer Award

  • If you receive financial aid during the academic year, and eligible to receive the ISA, Yale will give you funds to help support one summer international experience.
  • The amount of ISA funding students receive for a summer is equal to the percent of financial aid that you receive during the previous academic year.
  • Visit the ISA website for more information:
  • You might get up to 4 credits: Some in the past have offered L3, L4, and a culture Humanities credit

Light Fellowship

Many Yale students take summer classes to fulfill develop foreign language skills. Summer affords students the time to focus on time-consuming language programs, and the opportunity for immersion in a foreign country. The Light Fellowship is the most popular way to secure funding to study an East Asian language, most commonly Chinese.

Programs listed on the CIPE website award credit. For those that aren't listed, you can petition to get credit.

Online Classes

Open Yale Courses

You can get Yale credit by taking an online course offered by Yale.

(Are there any funding opportunities for this? Update this page if you know!)


Ways to get internships include Undergraduate Career Services, Bulldogs Across America, and International Bulldogs.


While not strictly internships, entrepreneurship opportunities provide you work experience

YEI has a list of entrepreneurial summer options here: (p. 33-35)


The best way to get research opportunities is by developing a close relationship with your professors. ie, physics professors have granted freshmen summer opportunities to work even at CERN.


Some professors will pay for a student to work in their lab over the summer if they have previously worked in the lab. They are sometimes more likely to do this if you have decided to do your thesis in their lab.

If you are enrolled in PSE, you already have funding secured for you, given that you find a Yale professor to work with for ~10 weeks over the summer.

Otherwise, if you are a freshman interested in science research, you can look into the STARS program, which provides free housing, classroom research instruction, and a stipend in addition to the research experience.

Other sources of funding are also available, and a list of them is here. The Dean's Research Fellowship is designed for students who do not obtain funding from other programs.