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  • Where to go skating
  • How to reserve Yale facilities (tennis, badminton, squash), etc.
  • Quick links to schedules for pools, gyms, courts

One article per team How to get recruited? How to walk on?

  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Swimming



  • Most sports start recruiting early in a student's high school senior year. Some allow walk-ons, such as track and field.
  • Being part of a varsity team includes you to a very tight-knit group of people. However, expect it to be a huge time commitment, and take you away from many other activities and events on campus. Certain fraternities are also associated with sports teams, such as DKE.


  • Try-outs are mostly held in the start of the year.
  • Club sports also play at a high level, but are a much smaller time commitment and allow for more balance with other activities.
  • Some sports, such as equestrian, do not have varsity teams and offer club teams as their highest level.

Intramurals (IMs)

Freshman year (especially if you're living on OC) one of the best ways to integrate yourself in the Yale community is by playing intramurals. Even if you aren't much of an athlete, there are plenty of sports that all can get into (i.e. bowling, ping pong, inner tube water polo, cross country/swim meets, etc.). The hour spent on a Wednesday night is a.) a great study break--excercise stimulates the brain b.) an automatic way to get to know upperclassmen, who 9 times out of 10 are thrilled you came out for their IM sport and will take a genuine interest in getting to know you, and c.) by far the best way to gain residential college spirit. What better opportunity will you have to take down JE?


  • Buy tickets in the ticketing office at the top floor of the Barnes and Noble bookstore.

Fitness and Leisure

  • Where to go skating
  • How to reserve Yale facilities (tennis, badminton, squash), etc.
  • Quick links to schedules for pools, gyms, courts

Yale Football

The Game


Recently banned after the November 2011 death.

Yale Hockey

  • Unfortunately, Ingall's Rink has no skate loan program. However, a 30-minute walk from campus can get you to Ralph Walker Ice Skating Rink which is pretty nice and relatively cheap ($8 per person for 1.5 hours).


The Whaling Crew is the only official student athletic support group on campus, but their membership is hardly rigorous–simply attend any game and one can consider themselves part of it. They have a Facebook page and an email list, providing regular updates on home games, special events (such as apparel, tailgates, and opportunities to watch away games). In general, students often go to games in groups to support friends who are playing, to watch a sport they enjoy, to show school spirit, or simply to enjoy a few hours in a carefree (and free) environment on a beautiful New England day.

Yale Basketball