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Yale Wiki had a snafu with the web host a while back, and it was down for quiiiite a while.

Curious about What Happened? Or who runs the wiki?

You'll probably notice some things that are out of date. Help fix it?

Have a NetID? Then you already have a YaleWiki editor account :)

My Computer

  • Go to the Student Techs (STs) in Bass Library for free, university-paid software/hardware repair.
  • While the STs are fixing your computer, you can ask for a loaner laptop.
  • You can also loan equipment out from the School of Arts. Anything from a TV, to a separate laptop monitor or a full iMac if you need it. The office is located in Green Hall on the second floor. Or check out the website[1]

My Dorm Room

  • Contact "Facilities" when things in the dorms are broken, including overhead lights, radiatiors, lights in random hallways, and even bed lifts!

Dorm Wireless

  • If your wireless isn't any good, contact a Student Tech (ST)

My Phone

  • Borrow a phone from Bass! (while you're getting a new one/getting it fixed)
  • (what's the website/deets?)

My Office/Lab

Facilities? Or your department?