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Silliman College is a residential college at Yale. It's the closest of any of the current colleges to Science Hill (a less than 10 minute walk), and is near everything else (classrooms, libraries, other colleges...) on central campus as well, plus it's right across the street from Commons and hot breakfast! Has a ton of really awesome facilities, including one of the best residential college kitchens (including a table that can fit at least a dozen people) at Yale and Silliflicks, a movie theatre with its very own DVD collection (that, of course, can play whatever you already have on DVD or on your laptop, too). Silliman's dining hall is consistently ranked the best residential college dining hall at Yale. The quality of the dining hall food is a blessing and a curse, as the dining hall gets really, really crowded. This is exacerbated by the fact that students form one long line to get their food in the servery, unlike in most other colleges, which makes waits during peak hours pretty unpleasant, especially when a favorite food item runs out.

Master & Dean

  • Master Judith Krauss, known simply as "Master K," is a professor of nursing.
  • Dean Hugh Flick is a lecturer in religious studies who chiefly studies Hindu and associated religious texts.