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During the first two weeks of classes, Yale gives you the chance to preview potential classes without any commitment. It is a good opportunity to make sure your math teacher speaks English.

Choosing Classes

The Golden Rule for choosing classes is to choose them based on the professor before the subject matter. A good professor can make the boring come alive. A bad one can make your passion not worth spending class time on.

Every semester, some classes are widely known to be significantly easier or less work than average. These are known as gut classes.

On the other hand, there are also [difficult classes].


  • If you really really want to get in, make sure the professor knows who you are and that you're very interested in the class! That is the secret. Good luck!:-D
  • Seminars are awesome because you get to know the professor and the other students; but they can also be a lot of work because the class is smaller and so you need to be on top of the material and contribute to the discussion every single day. Lectures tend to have less daily participation and be more "anonymous"; some students prefer that format.

Distributional requirements

  • For freshmen
    • One credit in two of: WR, QR, L
  • For sophomores
    • One credit in each: WR, QR, L, Hu, Sc, So
  • For juniors
    • All skills (WR, QR, L), plus one each: Hu, Sc, So
  • Fun fact: the fine print is that you do not need to complete a certain distributional requirement to go from freshman → sophomore, only to have it on your transcript; this means, you may drop a class and leave it on your transcript, if you have to, and go.
  • Which languages are the “easiest”?

Finding Classes - The Yale Map

Can even recognize building codes!


  • If your major has many requirements (eg. ABET Chem. E.), please don't languish under the delusion that you can shop just like your Poli Sci bffl. You can't. OR you can, but remember: something has to give.


Yale Official

Both have the same clunky interface

  • OCI (Online Course Information) is always up, and you can find it at
  • OCS (Online Course Signup) is only available when signup becomes available
    • In its own menu on SIS


  • YaleBlueBook has been adopted by Yale, and it's wonderful!
  • BEST
    • Winner who takes all. Facebook integration, easy access to evaluations, gets your textbooks. Everything.
    • One trick: to search for evaluations by professor (regardless of class) you have to be in compare view and click on the name. The rest of the evaluations are in course details where you expect them.
    • If facebook won't log you in, try clearing your cache and trying again.
    • Bugginess: pretty solid:D
  • YalePlus Bluebook
    • An excel spreadsheet with all of the course information in one place.
    • This spreadsheet is particularly useful because it includes color-coded review-scores and links to the online evaluations.
    • Evaluations by class AND professor are both listed.
    • Bugginess: Not even a bug!
  • The Friendly Bluebook
    • Syncs with Facebook to show you what classes your friends are taking. Facilitates shopping with friends!
    • Bugginess: Kinda buggy, but certainly functional:)
    • Helps you plan (up to) a four-year schedule, including your major/distributional requirements.
    • Bugginess: The most buggy:/</del>
  • See also YaleMobile for iPods / iPhones.

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