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New Haven is said to have one of the highest number of restaurants per capita of any American city.

Western Cuisine


  • Louie's lunch
    • "the original hamburger"
  • "The Wenzel"

Italian (Pizza)

  • Yorkside
  • Modern Pizza
    • especially: eggplant pizza
  • BAR Pizza
    • especially: mashed potato pizza
  • Pepe's
  • Sally's


  • Barcelona

Asian Cuisine


Thai restaurants are concentrated downtown from JE and [[1]].

  • Thai Taste
  • Bangkok Garden
  • Pad Thai


(so many good options)


  • Great Wall
  • Ivy Noodle
  • Main Garden


  • Pho Au Pho (French-Viet; not authentic)


  • Miya's Sushi
    • unique sushi you can't get anywhere else
  • Sushi on Chapel
  • Sushi Mizu is known for its All You Can Eat sushi specials for $20/person, which are discounted to $18 on weekdays.

Other Cuisine

Middle Eastern

  • Mamoun's is the best falafel and shawarma in town. Open late night. Hookah.
  • Istanbul

Late Night Delivery

  • One Button Wenzel
  • Main Garden
  • Alpha Delta Wenzel


Alcohol Coffee