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USPS => PO Box

UPS => Head's Office

FedEx => only to specific addresses

Receiving Packages

For most of the year, all mailing services are about the same, and your PO Box will be easiest. However, at the beginning of the semester, UPS/Fedex will be significantly faster.

Here's Yale's page on the matter:

Get Textbooks Fast

At the beginning of the semester, when most students buy most of their books:

  1. Speed-wise, UPS (and FedEx) are the fastest.
    • They can handle the large volume of deliveries gracefully, bringing in large trucks.
  2. USPS is much slower on shipments, and they get easily overwhelmed.
    • It often takes up to two or three days for the Post Office to process shipments and place them in your box/put a yellow tag in your box.
    • If you miss a certain window, your package may be sent back to their holding station until you request that it come back. More days of waiting :/

How do I choose how it's mailed from Amazon?

Amazon is tricky. Depending on the type and speed of shipment, Amazon sends mail through all three carriers.

  • From Amazon itself
  • From Amazon Marketplace (used items)
    • If you buy something used, the merchant gets to choose. They most often choose USPS.
    • But if you chose a vendor which has "Amazon Fulfillment" you can still have Amazon Prime benefits ;D

What address should I give?

  1. Yale expects you to know how it gets sent - if you can, that's best! But unfortunately that's not always possible (like with Amazon).
  2. If you don't know how it's being shipped (like with Amazon) - one method is to include both addresses, but to omit the word "PO":
    1. <your name here>
    2. <Street address of your college here>
    3. Box <PO box #>
    4. New Haven, CT, 06520
    • (If you have fewer than four lines, you can include more on one line. Just make sure everything is separated by commas.)

Setting up a PO Box

It's probably possible to register online and then find your PO Box online before even coming to campus.

It's possible to register online here (just use 06520 for the zip code):

Then after it's assigned, you can look up your box number you can put your name in here:

You might not be assigned your PO Box number until getting to campus and getting your key - it's not clear when they assign box numbers.

Ship Anything to a PO Box

The Yale Post Office will totally give you a street address for your PO Box if you fill out a form.

 206 Elm St. #(PO Box #)
 New Haven, CT 06511

And you can get all packages to your PO box!

Where do packages arrive?

  • USPS will usually (always) send things to your PO Box. Even if you send it to your Head's Office, they'll probably reroute it.
  • FedEx always ships directly to where you send it - they don't reroute any packages.

Sending Packages

For most packages, USPS is probably fine. For large packages or fast delivery, FedEx is probably the best. FedEx in general is cheaper and faster than UPS.

  • The USPS Post Office (Yale Station) can be used to send most packages.
    • Under L-Dub. Hours available on, here
    • Or if you already have stamps - just drop it in a mailbox!
  • FedEx
  • UPS