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Also see: Floating Dance Party



Local venues

  • Toad's
  • Box 63
    • According to this article in the YDN, Box 63 offers a "milder, Yale-only setting compared to Toad’s louder, more crowded parties."

Frats and a capella houses

  • Profiles of frats (get frats to write their own: incentivizes participation, and we can accept some editorial bias)

Residential college parties

  • Safety Dance (Silliman)
    • Annual 80's-themed dance in Commons that happens mid-October.
    • The biggest party at Yale. Over 2000 people regularly in attendance.
    • CANCELLED as of October 2012 according to the YDN[1]
  • Inferno (Pierson)
    • Annual Halloween party. It's the most important party and has the highest budget of any other Yale event.
  • Trolley Night (Calhoun)
    • Highlighter party.
  • Crushes and Chaperones (Branford)
    • 90's-themed party. Moved to Commons since March 2012.

Party suites

  • 12-pack (Saybrook)
  • God Quad (Branford)

168 and student-organized off-campus

Spring Fling

One of the highlights of your Yale experience. Every April, Old Campus is turned into a mosh pit as the Spring Fling Committee and the YCC bring in a big name act. For 2012, the Spring Fling headliner will be T-Pain.

Floating dance parties

See Floating Dance Party

Safety guidelines

  • Official Yale policy is that parties should be registered at your Master's Office at least 48 hours in advance. Not doing so risks your party getting shut down.
  • You can find the party registration forms on your college website.
  • If you have alcohol, also put out water. Have a pitcher or two and keep them full.
Healthy choices
  • The legal drinking age in Connecticut is twenty-one.
    • If you do drink, eat a big dinner and drink water throughout the evening.
  • In case of an emergency, call for help. See: Emergencies.
  • If you are worried about walking home late at night:
    • Use the Nighttime Campus Shuttle (formerly known as Minibus). For off-route pickups, call 203-432-6330.
    • Request a Yale Security walking escort. Call 203-432-WALK.