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Yalies are assigned to one of 14 residential colleges. This article will focus on general topic in housing. For more information on specific Yale dorm accommodations, see the specific articles on Old Campus and Residential Colleges.

Types of Housing

Freshman housing

Freshmen for 10 out of 14 residential colleges live on Old Campus. The exceptions are Silliman College, Timothy Dwight College, Benjamin Franklin College and Pauli Murray College whose freshmen are housed within the college.

Upperclass housing

Residential College housing

All residential colleges house sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Starting 2012-2013, all juniors and seniors will have the option of housing with members of either gender.

Off-Campus Housing

Popular apartments? Fraternities?

Housing Draw

Roommate Etiquette

How to be a good roommate? What are the signs of a bad roommate, or signs your roommate is mad/being passive aggressive?

Using Bathrooms

  • Bathrooms can be inside or outside of a suite. If inside, you are responsible for cleaning it. If outside, Yale staff clean it.
  • Many students choose to use shower shoes to avoid foot fungus. But no students actually have foot fungus, and the ones that don't wear shoes are fine.
  • It's common for people to bring speakers to listen to music as they shower -- good idea

Bathroom Etiquette

  • Be clean, out of courtesy to your floormates.
  • Don't shower for too long, especially during peak morning times before classes begin.
  • It helps for there to be an even distribution of times people normally shower in the morning or night. It also helps to know each other's habits and coordinate, for instance, if one suitemate takes a long time in the shower or if another blow dries earlier, in deciding which of you showers first.