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Old Campus houses freshmen for 10 residential colleges, as well as the English, Philosophy, and Classics departments, the Dwight Hall service organization, the YHHAP Book Exchange, and the Chaplain's Office




Old Campus has freshman housing for all colleges except Silliman and Timothy Dwight. Jonathan Edwards College also has annex housing for juniors in McClellan.

Who Where
Berkeley freshmen LDub
Branford freshmen Vanderbildt
Calhoun freshmen Bingham
Davenport freshmen Welch
Ezra Stiles freshmen Lawrance
JE freshmen Farnam
Morse freshmen Durfee
Pierson freshmen LDub
Saybrook freshmen Vanderbildt
Trumbull freshmen Bingham
JE upperclassmen McClellan

Academic Buildings

Connecticut Hall

  • Contains the Philosophy Department and an enormous hall used for faculty meetings.
  • Site of a computer lab that is open 24/7 (this is a popular study space on Old Campus).
  • Oldest building still standing in New Haven; it was Nathan Hale's dormitory, and today is the only remaining building from Old Brick Row.

Phelps Hall

  • Contains the Classics Department, classroom space, and the Classics Department library
  • The symbolic entrance to Yale. Dirk Stover was all up in Phelps, galavanting through ur gates.


  • Contains the English Department, as well as many seminar rooms and lecture halls

Other Locations

Dwight Hall

  • Headquarters for Yale's hydra-headed umbrella service organization, which is the largest undergraduate service organization in the world.
  • On weekend nights, Global Grounds is a alcohol-free space where you can get cookies and hot drinks and play board games. It's actually pretty popular.

Yale Station Post Office

  • The post office where most undergrads have their post office box.

Chaplain's Office

  • Gives out free ice cream.

Battell Chapel

  • Big chapel used for concerts

Bingham Library

  • The Comparative Literature department has a fabled library on the top floor of Bingham reserved for graduate student use.

YHHAP Book Exchange

  • Nonprofit student-run bookstore in the basement of Bingham. Open during shopping periods.


  • Freshman Olympics
  • Spring Fling