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Finding Housing

Search Services

  • PadMapper
    • Padmapper searches Craigslist on a map, with filters. It's magic!
  • SubletMeYale
    • A great selection, but a horribly buggy interface.
  • (less useful)
    • Includes a Yalies-only find-housing database service thing, but it costs money to post ads so it's kinda empty.

Specific Companies

Each housing company rents out from a number of buildings. This is just a partial list. If you know about more, please contribute:)

More Expensive



  • Be sure to know whether the apartment will be furnished or not


  • Gas for heating & hot water can run about $300+/month in the winter. During the summer they can still add $50-100/month.


  • In East Rock, street parking is free, but downtown you will have to pay!

Summer Subletting

Summer Price

  • For summer subletting you can find a decent apartment for $400-600 per month.
  • Prices are often quoted on a per-month basis, but if you're staying for something like 2.5 months, ask the seller whether he/she can prorate the rent to a weekly or daily rate. Many subletters are flexible if you're upfront about your schedule.
  • Sharing an apartment with multiple people can cut costs, but make sure this is permissible.


  • East Rock is a little safer (especially at night)
  • But downtown is more convenient unless you'll work on Science Hill.


  • AC isn't necessary in New Haven during most summers, but temperatures do fluctuate.
  • Be wary of top-floor apartments, unless the apartment has air-conditioning. Greenhouse-like effects can make life very miserable, with temperatures in attics rising above 110 F on hot days.