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New Haven has a bad reputation, and some consider it the one downside to being at Yale. It may have strengths and weaknesses as a college city. But the city grows on you, and at the end of your four years, you will come to love the city that you called home.

Walking in New Haven

New Haven is a major city, and like every major city one needs to be aware of one's surroundings at all times to avoid potentially dangerous situations. New Haven can be a beautiful, safe place if you take common-sense precautions.

Tips for walking about campus and New Haven

  • Call Yale Police or the Minibus for an escort if you feel unsafe walking at night
    • Yale Police: 203-432-4400
    • Yale Minibus: 203-432-6330
  • If you feel unsafe, run to a Blue Light station and press the CALL POLICE button. The scene will be illuminated and you'll be immediately connected to the police via telephone.

Places to Avoid at Night

  • Whalley Avenue. Save your Stop and Shop shopping for the next day.
  • Anywhere south of the Med School.
  • Anything between Dixwell and Winchester Avenues, and the general area northwest of Yale (Newhallville). You'll be able to tell when you've ventured into that neighborhood.
  • The Green
  • Basically, try to stay within Yale boundaries at night.

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