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Yale Wiki had a snafu with the web host a while back, and it was down for quiiiite a while.

Curious about What Happened? Or who runs the wiki?

You'll probably notice some things that are out of date. Help fix it?

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  • Where's that other theater farther away that has a better movie selection than Criterion?
  • How long can you rent a movie from Bass?
  • Law School movie rentals? (website, rental duration, etc)

Movies Online

It's actually legal to watch movies on some sites, like hulu

Others, not as much - use at your own discretion.

To download a clip from YouTube, see Downloading Music from Youtube

Finding Movies

  • asks you to rate a bunch of movies, and then it smartly guesses what movies you may want to see.
    • You can share your list with other people. For example:
    • Then it can combine your list with your friends' lists and tell you what to watch!


Bass Library Holdings (YCC)

  • Sponsored by the Yale College Council (YCC)
  • Search Orbis, select "Movies / DVDs" filter.
  • Checkout for ___ days (??)

Yale Film Studies Center Holdings

  • Available to all students and staff who have a bursar account.
  • Basement of Whitney Humanities Center (53 Wall Street)
  • Holdings can be found on Orbis and on the Center's website.
  • Checkout (can renew online "almost indefinitely"):
    • 1 day for undergraduates
    • 7 days for graduate students and faculty

Law School Music Library



Criterion "Bow Tie" Cinema in New Haven

Criterion Club Super Tuesdays

  • On Tuesdays you can buy movie tickets (for later in the week?) for only $6 .
  • "Members (with card) can purchase up to two tickets per card for $6 each at all Bow Tie Cinemas locations"
  • Discounts on popcorn, etc

Insomnia Theater Film Series

  • Friday and Saturday at 11:30PM - they play awesome older movies.
  • Movie Schedule
  • General Admission - $5
  • Nearby places to eat before/after movie:
    • One block down on Temple St: Sahara Restaurant open till 3am on Fri and Sat (serve fries, buffalo wings, pizza, mozz sticks etc)

Movies and Mimosas

Rave Motion Pictures in North Haven

Residential Colleges

Several residential colleges have movie theaters that can be rented out.

  • Silliman has Silliflicks
  • Branford TV Room
  • SY?


Classrooms in WLH and LC have big projectors and nice speakers that can hook up to your laptop.

Setting up a Projector (Outside)

  • You can rent an inflatable movie screen, projector (if you need it), and table (if you need it) at the UOFC's Equipment Rental site!:


When considering a location, your main concern should be somewhere dark enough to see the screen. College courtyards are sometimes ok, but not ideal.

Getting a Projector

  • Projectors are available for checkout free through the Bass Media Equipment Checkout Program.
  • You'll probably need an extension cord; some Master's Offices have them, but that might not be an option.


  • Some colleges have screens
    • BR
    • TC
    • DC
  • UOFC has screens
  • White sheet from Salvation Army

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Lets you access Yale resources (library, databases, etc) while away from Yale Secure. And to access the uncensored internet while in China.