List of classes to take before you graduate

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  • Cold War with John Gaddis
  • English 120 (with Fred Strebeigh, Richard Deming, Kimberly Shirkhani, Andrew Ehrgood; all professors' sections are great, but these ones are amazing)
  • Intro Ancient Greek History with Donald Kagan
  • Intro Ethics with Shelly Kagan
  • Any class with Harold Bloom
  • Any class with Charles Hill
  • Vladimir Alexandrov's Tolstoy lecture

Social Sciences

  • Intro Psych with Marvin Chun or Paul Bloom

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

  • ENAS 130 (Intro. to Computing for Scientists and Engineers) with Marshall Long (not anyone else necessarily). Great intro to programming in FORTRAN and C++, no prerequisites, and better than CPSC 112. The problem sets are all fun, and are worth about 70% of the grade.
  • Stat 230 (Introduction to Data Analysis) with John Emerson. Prerequisite is previous exposure to statistics (AP Stats counts). Teaches you how to use R, but also just the general life skill of data exploration. If you can take this early in your Yale career, do it! It will give you mad skills for the rest of your undergrad years that will help you get into labs and things.
  • Math 260 (Basic Analysis in Function Spaces) with Ronald Coifman. Prerequisite is multivariable calculus and linear algebra. This course has no homework and a take-home midterm and final. The content is basically applications of linear algebra.