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How to Learn

To really learn something like programming you need two things:

  1. Motivation - do it to learn the skills for a project you care about completing. Or at least do it for a grade. Or at least for an online course certificate of completion.
  2. Resources - taking a course will provide you with a lot of resources. Having friends or other people you can ask questions to is super valuable. Having friends to work on these things with you is also super valuable.

Intro to Programming

  • I'd recommend doing a structured course that grades you, like CPSC 112, because the motivation that provides is super valuable.
  • If you want an online at-your-own-pace non-credit one, Harvard's CS50 is amazing, people love it!

Intro to Web Development

Intro to Programming (Ruby) book http://pine.fm/LearnToProgram/ - (Ruby is used a lot for web development, but the for-credit intro courses tend to use C)

The YEI Tech Bootcamp covers web development with Ruby on Rails

Here's a similar web development course that depends more heavily on online resources, probably easier to follow virtually than the Tech Bootcamp's

  • Web Development Courses Online: www.theodinproject.com/courses

And here's STC's curated list of web development / ruby resources that might help you along the way: