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Can we get quotes/prices for the dry cleaners? Or some way to compare their prices~?

In Your Residential College or Dormitory

Cost & Payment

  • Washing and drying can be paid for by Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) or with Quarters
  • Cost is $1.25/wash and $1.50/dry
    • extended cycles are available for washing and drying for $0.25 more and shorter dry cycles are available for lower cost.
  • You can use Laundryview to see where and how many washers and dryers are available at any time and their current status.


See how many/which laundry machines are in use right now. Also see trends from the last week (nobody washes clothes at 3am!). Any laundry machine on campus.

Dry Cleaning

  • Yale Student Services, by way of Fab's Cleaners:
  • Ted's Cleaners
    • on Grove & Whitney, right next to Brueggers
    • If you tell them that you are a Yale student at Ted's, they give you 10% off dry cleaning (which does not include laundering shirts).
  • Blue Jay Cleaners
    • The drycleaning place on Broadway. They are terribly overpriced, but quite convenient if you live on that side of campus.
  • "the little laundromat on Howe and Edgewood"
    • (no information?)

Laundry Service

at the start of the year, Yale's Associated Student Agencies sets up booths on Old Campus where you can sign up for either of two service plans. The standard laundry plan includes one bag full of laundry per week. The deluxe laundry plan includes one bag full of laundry plus one bag for dry cleaning. Bags can be dropped off at either of two dropoff sites any day of the week. They are picked up and dropped off starting from 1030am every week day and takes two full days for a bag to be returned.