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Yale is one of the world's most internationally diverse colleges and a welcome place for international students. Internationals comprise approximately 10% of Yale College. Yale's graduate schools have a much higher proportion of internationals.

Orientation for International Students (OIS)

OIS is a pre-orientation program that is attended by the vast majority of internationals at Yale. It includes talks and activities to help students transition into living in America and, most importantly, helps the incoming freshman class of internationals to form friendships get to know each other very quickly. See the above link for more details.

Peer Liaisons

All freshman international students are automatically assigned Peer Liaisons before coming to Yale. They are upperclassmen, mostly juniors, who serve as support systems to help in the transition to life in America and at Yale. Having been carefully selected for their wide experiences, they are a useful source of advice. Peer Liaisons send out a weekly newsletter of notes and news, and organize a weekly dinner for international students normally attended by 15-30 people. For 2011-2012, this is normally at 5:30PM in the Jonathan Edwards College dining hall.

International Student Organization (ISO)

The ISO is a student-run organization representing Yale College's international student population. It is comprised of the Political, Cultural and Social committees, as well as an executive board that is elected at the end of every year. For 2012-2013, the ISO president is Carl Sandberg SM'14, the vice-presidents are Urvi Nopany SM '14 and Liang Yu, the treasurer is Devika MittalHaroula Gotsi SM'15, the secretary is Themis Davris, the public relations chair is Angie Hanawa, the outreach chair is Takaomi Konari, and the webmaster is Stefano Malfitano.

The Political Council organizes talks related to international relations similar to those of the Yale International Relations Association. By relying on the networks of Yale's international students, the ISO has gotten to bring in several high profile guests. For 2012-2013, the Political Chair is Owais Karnee.

The Cultural Council organizes events related to celebrating foreign culture at Yale. For 2012-2013, the Cultural Chair is Madeleine Barrow.

The Social Council organizes parties at Yale. These have included Sensation White. For 2011-2012, the Social Chair is Dur e Aziz Amna.

List of the entire Board 2012-2013 President - Carl Sandberg Vice Presidents - Urvi Nopany, Liang Yu Treasurer - Devika Mittal Secretary - Themis Davris Social Chair - Dur e Aziz Amna Political Action Chair - Owais Karnee Public Relations Chair - Angie Hanawa Cultural Chair - Madeleine Barrow Outreach Chair - Takaomi Konari Webmaster - Stefano Malfitano

Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS)

The OISS is Yale University's official organization for international student affairs, for both Yale College and Yale's graduate schools. OISS's responsibilities include helping international students