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Yale Wiki had a snafu with the web host a while back, and it was down for quiiiite a while.

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Grocery Stores are much cheaper that Durfee’s, GHeav, or even Walgreens.

  • Edge of the Woods
    • Grocery store 3 blocks past Stop N Shop.
    • Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free foods.
    • Often has cheaper and better produce than Stop N Shop
  • Ferraro's
    • Just across the train-tracks east of the green.
    • In kind of a sketchy neighborhood, but it's only open until 6pm anyway.
    • Usually cheaper than Stop N Shop

Grocery Delivery

Stop N Shop has a grocery delivery service called PeaPod

Fees, Pricing & Payment

(found in "Quick Guide" (top right of screen) => You Order Online section, subheader "Fees, Pricing, and Payment")

  • Order >$100.00 = $6.95
  • Order <$100.00 = $9.95
  • Minimum order amount is $60.00.
  • +fuel surcharge.