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Yale Wiki had a snafu with the web host a while back, and it was down for quiiiite a while.

Curious about What Happened? Or who runs the wiki?

You'll probably notice some things that are out of date. Help fix it?

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Campus Stores

J. Crew

Ivy League favorite. 15% student discount (check the website often, 30% off sale every few weeks).

American Apparel

North Face

Yale Merchandise



  • Sweater
  • Long-sleeved t-shirt
  • Down jacket/vest, Fleece, Wool coat, Leather jacket, North Face hard-shell,
  • Thermal underwear - Used by more people than you think; because it's underwear, you just don't know! Designed to trap heat, and effectively keeps you warm during the winter.

Thanks to Aaron Goh for this helpful article -