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This is a list of phone apps that students may or may not find useful.


Yale Dining App

Yale Transit App (iOS and Android)


In this iOS app (iPod Touch / iPhone), all of the public Yale information is in one place! Danqing the developer is amazing and hard at work making this better all of the time.


Please email him any feedback you come up with so this app will grow to suit your needs. If you emailed him directly that'd be fine, but he prefers you email feedback to "" so he can find it all easily. :)

Includes these functions (3/26/2012)
  • Bluebook information (public stuff. reviews, syllabus etc. accessible through a mini browser.)
  • Yale Dining crowdedness (although Yale Dining app is more comprehensive for this still - YaleMobile doesn't include menus or feedback. But YaleMobile provides more accurate operating schedule for times such as before breaks and during final period.)
  • Map - a googlemap which can read codes like HGS and WLH. Better than any alternative map:
    • Better than Google Maps, which can't read codes like HGS
    • Better than which is ugly and hard to navigate
  • Directory (info from - to look up email addresses, etc
  • Calendar - has all of the info from that calendar page we always have to look up (
  • Phonebook - includes all useful Yale numbers like Facilities and the Psychology Department. Clicking on one even calls if you're on a phone!
  • Laundry - tells you how many machines are free according to Version 1.2, which will be available by April 4, tells you the status of every single machine and allows you to set alert 5 minutes before its cycle completes.