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Alcohol-related emergencies

Don't deny your friends the care they need:

  • CALL 911
  • Yale Health Acute Care: 203-432-0123
  • Call your froco

Health emergencies

Numbers to call here: http://yalehealth.yale.edu/studentwellness/who-call-what

List of must-have phone numbers

  • Yale Health: 203-432-0123
  • Yale Police: 203-432-4400
  • Freshman Counselor
  • Minibus: 203-432-6330
  • New Haven Taxi (MetroTaxi is 203-777-7777)
  • Alpha Delta Pizza

Academic emergencies

Dean's Excuses

A Dean's Excuse is an official permission slip that lets you postpone an assignment. Only your residential college dean can grant you a Dean's Excuse.

The most important thing to know about Dean's excuses is that they are completely up to the Dean's discretion, despite the stated guidelines. Different Deans have different standards, and it's best to ask people in your college to learn about those standards.

That said, this FAQ from the October 12 Berkeley Broadside offers a good overview. Writes Dean Genoni: "The Dean’s Excuse is designed to cover work such as essays, problem sets, quizzes, and tests during the regular term time. It does not cover attendance or in-class work (such as discussions). That is to say, I cannot provide an excuse for absence alone, but I can step in when you are unable to turn in any assignment or be in class to take a quiz or test.... The Dean’s Excuse is meant to provide relief during times of hardship. These include: The death of a loved one: If you must hand in an assignment late or miss an exam or quiz because of a death of a near relative or other loved one, see me. An incapacitating illness or sudden accident: If you are too ill to work, your first priority is to get immediate medical attention. The same holds true should you be injured or be in acute mental or physical pain. Your health should be your main concern. Please inform me about your condition as soon as you are able (an email is fine). Please let me know if you have been in touch with your professors or not. After you have seen your doctor or been released from the hospital, see me, and we will work on rescheduling the work you missed. A comparable emergency: Use your judgment, and if you have any questions, please ask. In the dean’s office, compassion, common sense, and fairness take the lead in decision-making. Off-campus varsity competition: If you are a varsity athlete who represents Yale at a competition and you have to miss a test or deadline because of it, see me. Observance of religious holy days: If you have to take a test or hand in work on a religious holy day, see me to reschedule.... If you have a stubborn little cold, or if you are exhausted after staying up all night for a Dr. Who Marathon, or if you are obsessively following the presidential election, your circumstances won’t fall under the five categories listed above. Likewise, if you have chosen a schedule in which you have one particularly horrific work week of essays, midterms, and p-sets, I can sympathize with you, but cannot provide a Dean’s Excuse. That said, if you have any questions about your situation, please discuss it with me. Even when I can’t provide a Dean’s Excuse, I can listen and advise you." (Berkeley Broadside, Monday, October 1, 2012).