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This article is based on an email sent by the YPMB drum majors each Deadweek... except super-amplified, like PCR. It answers the question, "How do I feed myself when I don't have a kitchen but I'm still on a budget?"

If you are planning on feeding yourself for an extended period of time (e.g., over spring or winter break), your best strategy is to buy and hoard groceries. But if you are only going to be sans dining hall for a short while (e.g., returned to campus early), or if you simply want to enjoy New Haven restaurants on a budget, then this is the article for you.

New Haven restaurants have so many secret deals and specials---if you know what you're doing, you can eat for so cheap!


  • I know we're missing restaurants! What are they?
  • We're missing some important prices (buffets!)
  • We should link to a map for each, and/or to the company's website.

Generally Cheap

  • Sababa
  • York Street Noodle
  • Educated Burgher
  • Ivy Noodle
    • cash only
    • scallion pancakes are so good
    • service is a little poor, but food is still great
  • Basil
  • Mamoun’s
  • Subway
  • Moes (on Whitney)
    • Gives you free (unlimited) chips and salsa with any order.
  • G Heav (on Broadway or Whitney)
    • In general you pay a steep price for the convenience, but there are a couple cheap items you can get if you prioritize.
      • Arizona Ice Teas are large and actually only $.99 (You can also get this at Durfees!)
      • Egg & cheese sandwiches were recently upped to $3.00, but are still a good value for filling and tasty.
  • La Cocinita (on Park St., next to Viva's)
    • Burritos, quesadillas, etc. around $5.50. It can be sitdown or takeout, and they are SO GOOD. Pretty large, too.
  • Froyo World (High St.)
    • Go with friends, order a mountain of froyo, and enjoy the benefits of buying in bulk!
  • Popeyes
  • Fresh Taco
    • A cheap Mexican place - Cash only for orders below $8 (your order will probably be $6-7)


  • Book Trader Cafe sells yesterday's baked goods.
    • ~4 scones/muffins/bagels for $2.
    • They're only there early in the morning, by ~10 they're gone.
  • Patricia's is good for breakfast - on Elm just past Howe.
  • Au Bon Pain has half-price baked goods from 4-6pm.


Lunch Buffets

These might be a little pricier for lunch, but if you make it a big lunch and lighter meals for your other stuff, these can work out nicely.

  • Indian (all the naan you can eat!)
    • Zaroka - $9
    • India Palace - $9.95
    • Tandoor (Chapel and Howe) - $9.95
      • I think there's a vegetarian one for $7.95 on Sundays?
    • Sitar (Grove and Orange) - $9.95
      • Also, Sitar has the best mango lassi! Lassi is a rich, delicious, cold yoghurt-based drink. (It is a little expensive though. One drink will run you about $4-5.)
  • Thai Pan Asian - $8
  • Lalibela (Temple street, just off chapel) - $8

Lunch Specials

Get a lunch special and have a lighter dinner. Alternatively, buy a lunch special and save it to heat up for dinner (aah, arbitrage).

  • Sahara Restaurant - $4.95 lunch special!
    • Chicken Shawarmas!
    • Falafel/Hummus Platters! Served with two pita and garden salad
  • China King (Chapel Street, near Blockbuster)
    • Food-rice-soup type combos for lunch for under $5 (like any good Chinese take-out place).
    • And you can get a quart of food for under $8!

Lunch at Food Carts

In general, food cart food is always huge and really good. One could be two meals if you needed it to be.

Also, you must have cash to eat at the carts. They don't know what the "square" is lol

Food Cart Areas

  • ~$5 or $6
  • Every day, 11-2pm
    • On weekends there aren't as many carts, but still quite a few~
    • Some carts leave earlier/later
  • Locations
    • Science Hill Carts (Prospect and Sachem, in the Hockey Rink parking lot)
    • Med School Carts (333 Cedar St - going South on York Street, take a left on Cedar Street)

Independent Carts

York Street near Elm

  • The Burrito Cart
    • Sun-Fri 11:30am - 6pm
    • Sat 11:30am - 4pm
  • Ay Arepa
    • Mon-Fri 11am-5pm
    • Sat 11am-4pm
    • They'll give you a free arepa after you buy a lot (~9?)


A La Carte Sushi

  • Kumo
    • 50 % off sushi, sashimi, roll & hand rolls (ref)
      • Translates to ~$3.50/roll
      • Monday - Saturday "All night"
      • Sunday ALL DAY!!
  • Sushi on Chapel
    • Chapel is objectively better sushi. But it's also sold by the roll, and each roll is maybe $7-8 so it's a little pricey.
  • Miya's is the best~!
    • Best for fancy sushis
    • But for standard sushi, Kumo is cheaper~
    • Sushi for the Masses, about 20 (8-piece) rolls from which to choose for $3.50

All You Can Eat Sushi

  • Mizu
    • All you can eat special ($20)
    • For Sushi Mizu, it's only worth splurging the $20 or whatever if you are going in a big group so you can justify ordering a huge variety of stuff and they won't get pissed at you. Which can happen, apparently
  • Samurai
    • All you can eat special (~$20?)
  • Sushi Palace
    • All you can eat special (~$20?)
    • requires a bus ride (which one? also see: New Haven Buses
    • quality of sushi is slightly better

Late Specials

  • Sahara Restaurant
    • $4.95 Hummus/Falafel Platter
    • Open till 3am on Fri/Sat - good place if you want to eat after watching at late night movie at Criterion Cinemas
  • Mamoun's
    • $4.00 (ish) falafel sandwich.
    • Open until ridiculously late hours (3am).
  • Miya's "Late Night"
    • Thursday-Saturday, 10:30pm-12am
    • $4.75 for 5-6 rolls of the chef's choice, vegetarian or fishy


  • Bruegger’s, shockingly, sells bagels by the dozen. They also sell yesterday’s bagels (well, tomorrow they’ll sell today’s bagels. And the day after…) for reduced prices. Find 11 friends and splurge on smoked salmon cream cheese.
  • Popeyes
    • A deal "11 pieces for $12" or something like that
  • Arepa Cart
    • They'll give you a free arepa after your 9th meal.
  • Froyo World (High St.)
    • Go with friends, order a mountain of froyo, and enjoy the benefits of buying in bulk!


  • Atticus Bread
    • Leaves out its leftover bread each night at ~10pm or so. The time varies a lot.


  • Entertainment Book - Something to consider would be a book, TODAY $12 with free shipping, after today still cheap and free shipping. The New Haven book includes buy-one-get-one-free meals at Ivy Noodle, Bulldog Burrito, Royal India, Mamouns, Miya’s, Ashley’s, and more. Split the subscription and/or the free meals!
  • sells cheap dining certificates for $25 off dinner at Richter's, Istanbul Cafe, etc.
    • Be sure to google " discount codes" before you buy anything.
  • - Check it out daily to see what specials are available. You can find bargains and then go buy them yourself to avoid delivery fees and tips.
  • YDN and Rumpus Check old copies of them for coupons. There used to be coupons for free scallion pancakes at Ivy Noodle, 15% off at Thai Taste, etc. The New Haven Register also has pamphlets of coupons in the Sunday edition. I just got deals for Target and Walgreens.

More Expensive

If you can convince your parents to buy you meals, try:

  • Caseus (up Whitney, by Fashionista) for delicious cheese.
  • Pacifico (College by Crown) for seafood, paella, and guacamole mashed by your table.
  • Nica's Market (north from campus on Orange) for gourmet picnic supplies on the way to East Rock.
  • Heirloom
  • Barcelona
  • Ibiza
  • Union League Cafe
  • Zinc