Dating and Sexual Culture

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Dating Culture - lol really?

Overview. Toads! 168 York! Dining Hall Dates!

A Summary

Yale is not necessarily an environment conducive to the emergence of relationships. As most Yale students are constantly running around for academics and extracurricular organizations, many students feel that a relationship would be unnecessarily constraining to succeeding in these endeavors. Accordingly, most students choose to participate in Yale’s “hookup” culture. The majority of relationships are relatively short and less significant than your traditional “relationship.” The hookup culture certainly has its pros and cons, but generally it allows Yalies to keep moving amidst their busy schedules.

A note to any hopeless romantics seeking true love at Yale: Yale is not necessarily the place where the traditional relationship goes to die. There are countless couples at Yale who manage to make it work, and maintain dedicated relationships for extended periods of time. Don’t worry, at a place as big and diverse as Yale, you will meet some people who feel the same way about romantic relationships that you do.

List of places to go on a date

  • Miya's Sushi
  • Sushi on Chapel
  • Barcelona
  • Pepe's
  • This is absolutely the exhaustive list of all the places you could possibly ever go on a date.

Title IX

Overview of the issue and its aftermath.

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