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Hardware & Software Repair

  • Student Techs (STs) fix your computers for free! Visit them in the basement of Bass (TTO) if you need help
  • Hours are usually 9am-midnight, but vary.

Borrow Equipment

  • Bass Media (free; for individuals)
  • Student Tech Loaner Laptops
    • If your laptop is broken and is being repaired at STC (located in Bass Library basement), they may be able to loan a laptop to you!
    • You can also borrow a Mac laptop or Mac laptop charger from the Law Library. Go to the help desk on the second floor.
  • UOFC (free; for groups?)
  • DMCA
    • Free - only for art majors and students taking art classes with a teacher signature
  • Yale (pay)


Yale's Antivirus Software

PC (Windows) users, you really ought to have virus protection. Fortunately, Yale bought Symantec for you!

Windows 7

Yale also bought you your own copy of Windows 7! Yale gives you two keys actually - even though they're named "32-bit" and "64-bit", they're totally interchangeable.

Microsoft Office

  1. If you are a grad student, you get unlimited free copies of Microsoft Office through the software library ( (Undergrads, do you have any grad student friends? lol)
  2. If you are an undergrad student, you can get free copies of Microsoft Office through Also see the ITS Microsoft License Agreements page.


  • "Matrix Laboratory" - a programming software (/language) which helps you analyze data, etc.
    • => Windows => Matlab
    • Follow the instructions on that page. They can be complicated, but they're correct~


  • Microsoft's Note-taking software

Yale Font

Yale has a special font that you can use for free! It's used for the word "Yale" in pretty much all official documents, and now you can put it in your files too.


Naxos Music Streaming

For those interested in classical, jazz, instrumental music, etc (western art music!)

  • Yale has a subscription to the Naxos Music Library, which has literally tens of thousands of CDs for your streaming pleasure, and they add dozens more every day.
  • If you're off-campus, you have to be using a VPN to access it.
    Naxos Music Library



  • We have access to a digital library. We can put Yale’s EBooks or Audiobooks on kindles, laptops, ipads, phones, or anywhere!


JSTOR is the world's most comprehensive archive of academic journal articles and every Yale researcher's best friend. It's like a Wikipedia for academia, and ridiculously useful. Others have to pay for it, but if you access it while logged onto the YaleSecure network, you can access it for free:



Qualtrics a great tool you can use to make surveys and quizzes. It's really nice survey software - much better than googledocs in many ways. I think Yale pays for all Yale affiliated people with NetIDs to use this service (as of Jan 22, 2012). You can sign up/in using your NetID:

Other survey software

Are any of these better / worse than Qualtrics? Pros/cons?