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Printing on Yale printers is almost always cheaper than using off-campus services.


  • Where/how do I scan things at Yale?
  • Where/how do I make the cheapest black-and-white copies?
  • Where/how do I make the cheapest color copies?
  • Where/how do I make the cheapest photo prints?
  • Where/how do I fax?
  • Public hole-punches? (they’re rare!)
  • You can print to a Yale printer from your computer
    • and someone else can grab your papers for you if they take your ID (the new card-scanning printers only)

Cluster Computers

Where to find public clusters

What’s on a public computer?

In general you have to physically examine the computer to find out.

  • All computers have Office.
  • All Macs have Adobe Creative Suite and iLife suite for movie editing.
  • Usually all similar computers in an area will have the same software, and ones with scanners attached have a few more programs.

Specialized Software

  • The list of standard software that's on all cluster computers is here
  • For fancy statistical packages try going to Statlab (at SoM on the left side of prospect)
  • For fancy music/video editing, try the Bass Media Room (next to the ST office) or the Stoeckl music lab.

Printing at Yale

Where can I print?

All ACR-supported printers are listed here: ITS Website You can print to other printers on campus when you find them, but they're not listed online.

If you are a registered Yale Undergraduate Organization and registered with Dwight Hall then you can print for free, with a passcode you get when your club is signed up.

Color & Black and White

  • Bass
  • CT Hall
  • Dunham
  • Statlab (in CSSSI)

Black and White

  • Residential Colleges
  • Other Locations
    • 276 Prospect
    • Asian American Cultural Center
    • Chemistry Computer Cluster
    • Helen Hadley Hall
    • HGS
    • CSSSI (Kline Biology Tower)
    • Latin American Cultural Center
    • McDougal Center

How to Print in a cluster

  1. Add money to your print account if needed, on the RIS website. Your money does get carried over year to year.
  2. Print from a program as you normally would, by Choosing "File... Print". You can print from either:
    1. Your own computer
    2. A cluster computer
  3. Pay for the print job. Depending on the type printer, you can do this one of two ways:
    1. Multi-Function Printers (with card-swipe and touchscreen): either swipe your Yale ID Card, or use the touchscreen to type in your NetID and Password.
      • Select "Use Personal Acc't" unless you're trying to use a Departmental Charge Account that's associated with your NetID.
    2. Non-Multi-Function Printers (with no card-swipe and no touchscreen): There will be a "printing kiosk" computer nearby which you can log into using your NetID and Password.
      • For your protection, when you are finished using the print station click on EXIT to logout. Otherwise, you will automatically be logged out after 30 seconds of idle time.

To report any problems, please visit How do I report a problem with a printer?

Yale Printing Prices "Provides distributed charging via Uniprint software to a variety of department PTAEO’s, black & white copies and print cost $0.10 per image (first side; second side billed at $0.02) and full color is billed at $ 0.30"

  • Black and White
    • First side 10¢
    • Second side 2¢
  • Color
    • 30¢ per image
  • Scanning (Uniprint pictures only
    • 1¢ per image

Reporting Problems

If you are in Bass, CT Hall, or Dunham, you can alert the Student Tech (ST) on duty.

If you are in another location or an ST is not available, you should call the STs on duty in the Technology Troubleshooting Office (203-432-5242).

For all other comments and feedback, please email

Printing in New Haven

Yale printers have cheaper rates in almost all circumstances. See Printing at Yale above.

TYCO prices are set at 59 cents for colored and low-quality bond paper. DOCUPRINT (near TD) is 29-79 cents depending on quantity of pages, average 39cents, and HIGHER-quality bond paper. Black and white at docuprint is 3.75-7cents, widely varies, but can be around 5cents. Docuprint is the best particularly for mass printing: some campus publications/magazines are printed there.

DOCUPRINT is located in 27 Whitney Avenue, across the street from TD.

Printing through Yale's computers can be the cheapest option for smaller quantities. For black and white, the first side of every sheet is 10cents, the second side is 2cents (so back-to-back is 0.6cents per page). For color (most residential colleges don't have color printers), it is 30cents per page.


Loose papers

  • If you're just scanning notes or printed pages, the easiest option is the big printer in your college's computing cluster.
    • Log in using your NetID, press the button for the scanner, choose 1-sided or 2-sided scanning, enter your email address, place your papers in the top tray, and scan away.
    • Pros: Really fast. Completely automated, you don't need to flip any pages by hand. You'll get your papers as a PDF attachment in an email. It's free.
    • Cons: No color scanning. Everything must be looseleaf (no books, bound course packets, etc.).
    • When you're done, press "Other Function" to exit scanner mode.

Color scanning / Scanning bound pages

  • For more sophisticated scanning tasks, use the fancy stand-alone scanner, also in your computing cluster.
    • Pros: Does color. You can save your files as something other than a PDF. You can scan books.
    • Cons: Time-consuming.