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As of May 20, 2012 Sunday sales are allowed in Connecticut 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. (see [1])

Buying Alcohol

Cheapest Nearby

  • Liquor: Broadway Liquor was the consensus favorite (but they moved/are moving??). They're all about the same as far as price. College Wine, Zach's, and Odd Bin's have a few more specialty items. Most people choose based on convenience - just search googlemaps: Liquor in New Haven
  • Wine: The Wine Thief is definitely the best place for wine
    • The staff are always approachable and willing to talk to you about wine, as much or as little as you want.
    • The median price is higher than most places, but they still have a good selection of ~$10 bottles, and nobody looks down on you if you ask them to point out the cheaper wines.
    • Plus, free wine tasting every Friday from 5-8pm! (see happy hours for more!)
  • Beer
    • Stop N Shop has a pretty big selection of beers, many for a slightly lower price than liquor stores.
    • If craft beer is what you're after, The Wine Thief is again your best bet. Their prices on craft beer are about average for the region. Very nice selection of domestics, Belgians, Germans and other.

Cheapest, but farther away

If you ever make a bus-trip to The Mall, it might be worth stopping at CostCo on the way (and if you're clever, you might be able to transfer buses to continue on your way for free). But otherwise, without a car it's not worth the trip to any of these.

  • Amity Wine & Spirit Co. - if you have access to a car
    • Five Guys is nearby too ;D
  • Costco - It's along the O/55x bus line (I think 55x skips over it!) (alcohol must be sold to the general public regardless of costco membership)
    • Cost-co is the best for hard alcohol - they sell their booze at the state minimum.
  • Trader Joe's has some tasty, yet extraordinarily cheap wine. Unfortunately, Connecticut law does not allow them to sell their 5 buck Chuck in stores. I think they only have their fancy beers.

New Haven Happy Hours

See this googledoc spreadsheet (and contribute if you know any that are missing/have changed!):

Also see this website:


Karaoke Locations

Karaoke on Campus

You can host a karaoke event! You'll want:

  • Karaoke videos - YouTube has everything ever, a fuller selection than any karaoke bar
    • A YouTube playlist might help you manage this.
  • A screen bigger than your laptop's screen
    • A buttery with a TV (maybe you'll need a laptop video adapter)
    • A suite with a TV (maybe you'll need a laptop video adapter)
    • A classroom with a projector
  • A microphone, maybe from Bass Media Equipment Checkout
  • A laptop video adapter, maybe from Bass Media Equipment Checkout

Undergraduate Alcohol Culture

Unofficially, there is definitely a drinking culture at Yale. The “alcohol culture” at Yale isn’t as widespread as at some other schools though. Though some students engage in binge-drinking activities two or three times weekly, many students choose to eschew social situations that would put them in a position to encounter alcohol.

The typical drinking situation, particularly for freshmen, occurs in dorms. Students will “pregame” the night, binge drinking in the privacy of the dorm room before heading to another more public venue. Most frat houses will also serve alcohol, usually in the form of beer or punch.

If someone has to go to Yale Health for intoxication, usually your dean will be notified. Apparently, if you are able to leave Yale Health the next morning before 8 am your dean may not be informed. But you won’t have control over when you get to leave.